COVID-19 Information

Beginning Monday March 8, 2021:

Only one caregiver who meets the COVID-19 screening entrance guidelines may accompany the patient into the surgery center. The caregiver will be allowed to stay with the patient until the transport team arrives to move the patient to the procedure area. 

The caregiver will exit the facility once the patient has been taken to the procedural area to prepare the patient for the procedure. Caregivers can wait in the car or outside on benches and picnic tables. The caregiver must give a contact number for communication between the care team and the caregiver.

Surgical outpatient and other indicated procedures may require a caregiver or responsible person to be immediately available during the surgical procedure and be readily available at the time the patient is ready for discharge home. 

Covid-19 Testing Policy Update 7/1/2020

Notice to all patients having a procedure at Jackson Surgery Center. As of July 6, 2020 for your safety, all patients are tested for COVID-19 prior to their procedure. Studies have shown that if you have a procedure and have COVID-19, you are at 50% increased risk for pulmonary complications and at increased risk for other bad outcomes, including death. Our number one priority is your safety.

IMPORTANT We do test patients at Jackson Surgery Center. As part of your pre-op planning, prior arrangements must be made with Jackson Surgery Center to perform the test within 72 hours or 4 days prior to your procedure. After your test with us, please wear a mask at all times and take precautions to prevent exposure to illness including avoiding crowds and public transportation.

Please inform us if you think you are exposed to anyone with Coronavirus before the date of your procedure. Patients presenting without laboratory evidence of a negative Covid-19 test will be rescheduled. A negative test report from a laboratory is required.

You will not receive test results before the day of your procedure unless you test positive. You may receive a phone call the day before your procedure to ask medical history questions. If not, the nurses will get your information the day of your procedure. Please bring a list of your medications with you.

A letter stating you were negative is not accepted. Your Covid-19 test must be a PCR Molecular test not a rapid test if you are tested outside of our facility. Patients utilizing a lab other than Core Labs or LabCorp will need to present with a copy of their test results or have results sent to:
Fax  (334)293-6880Email
Covid-19 testing is covered by most major insurance plans. 

We will update our policy on an as-needed basis.