During Your Procedure

A warm welcome awaits you at our front desk where you will begin the registration process for your procedure.

Once the necessary documentation is completed, you will be called back to a pre-procedure area. This area is designed as a private temporary holding location so we prefer to have only 1 representative remain in the area with you while you wait.

A complete pre-procedure health and safety checklist by your anesthesia and medical care team will take place in this area. You next will be transferred to a suite for your procedure. At this time your representatives return to the lobby waiting area or sit outside at the patio tables and benches.

When your procedure is complete we will notify your representatives of your recovery room status and welcome them to a bedside visit. This area is also designed for privacy and patient safety so 1 representative is permitted to remain in this area while we are assessing your post-procedure recovery.

The physician will meet with you in a private conference area to review the procedure and recovery expectations.

Discharge instructions will be reviewed with your primary representative. If possible, follow up appointments needed with your primary physician will be arranged however you may need to have your representative arrange the follow-up appointments.



Before Your Procedure / After Your Procedure