Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • To be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • Privacy and confidentiality in all matters.
  • To receive a response to requests, needs, concerns, complaints or grievances without discrimination or reprisal.
  • To receive care in an emotionally safe environment free from neglect, harassment, exploitation, and/or verbal, mental, physical, and sexual abuse.
  • To receive care in a physically safe environment based on current practice standards.
  • To be fully informed about a treatment or procedure and the expected outcome in a way that is complete and easy to understand before it is performed; and to refuse a treatment or procedure.
  • To participate in decisions about your care, treatment or services, including the right to refuse care. When the patient is determined incompetent, the person appointed under state law or designated by the patient may exercise any and all rights.
  • To refuse to participate in educational and/or research programs.
  • To receive information about the individual(s) responsible for your care, treatment or services.
  • To review the charges for your care.

Patient Responsibilities

  • To indicate when it is felt that privacy is being violated.
  • To indicate when it is felt that safety is being threatened.
  • To be thoughtful of other patients and visitors.
  • To be considerate and respectful of those caring for you.
  • To help us care for you by providing honest, accurate and complete information regarding your medical history, including information about your current health status, medications and drugs you useandprevious illnesses, injuries or medical care received.
  • To participate in the process of marking the correct operative site.
  • To participate in your healthcare decisions unless you choose to give that responsibility to a family member or care partner.
  • To ask questions when you do not understand.
  • To cancel appointments you are not able to keep.
  • To provide accurate information on insurance or method of payment for your care.
  • To follow instruction for the agreed upon treatment plan and express any concerns regarding your ability to follow this plan or course of treatment.
  • To express concerns regarding your care or safety and provide information, suggestions or compliments which will help us provide high-quality care.

Grievance Process

  • To promote quality patient care, these procedures have been established for documenting, reporting and responding to patient or visitor grievances about the quality of medical services or patient care.
  • All allegations of patient or visitor grievances will be thoroughly documented and investigated.
  • Patients or visitors reporting a grievance will be contacted by center staff within 1 to 2business days regarding the investigation and actions taken. They will be contacted at least weekly thereafter until the grievance is resolved.
  • Once the grievance is resolved, the patient or visitor will receive written documentation of the investigation and actions taken.
  • If you have a safety concern or complaint regarding Jackson Surgery Center, please make us aware. Contact us at 334-293-8484 and give us an opportunity to resolve your concern.

For concerns the Jackson Surgery Center cannot resolve, you may contact the Alabama Department of Public Health, P.O. Box 0317, Montgomery, Alabama 36130, 800-356-9596; or the Office of the Medical Beneficiary Ombudsman; or The Joint Commission at or 800-994-6610.